Uley Village Hall rules


The Hirer shall abide by the following rules which form part of the standard conditions of hire.


  1. The Management Committee does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to property owned by the Hirer or for which they are responsible whilst in the Hall or on the land surrounding it which is under the control of the Committee.

  2. All property brought into the Village Hall by the Hirer must be removed before the commencement of the next booked hiring, unless permission has been otherwise granted by the Commiteee.

  3. The Hirer shall ensure that:
    a) No paints, dyes, or similar materials are brought and used in the Village Hall unless they are products which are readily removed by soap and water.
    b) No flammable liquids or solvents are brought into the Village Hall including liquid petroleum and gas canisters.
    c) No portable heaters, cooking appliances, hot plates or similar articles must be brought into the Village Hall or used without the prior approval of the Chairman or Secretary of the Committee.

  4. The Hirer must ensure that no article or product is fixed to the walls, doors, or windows and no self-adhesive tape may be used on any part of the Hall. Decorations are permitted provided they are attached to the pins in the wood moulding on the walls or tied by string and/or cotton to the roof supports or similar fittings.

  5. The Hirer shall ensure that all persons handling food observe the precautions as displayed in the kitchen.

  6. In the event of a fire the Hirer must:
    a) Evacuate everybody from the building in an orderly fashion and request that they assemble at a safe distance in the lay-by outside.
    b) Contact the emergency fire service.

    If an electrical appliance is involved, isolate it from the supply.

    If practicable, attempt to tackle the fire with the portable extinguishers which are situated (i) near the main entrance (ii) near the emergency exit in main hall adjoining the stage (iii) on the stage (iv) in the kitchen (with fire blanket).

    NB only the CO2 extinguisher should be used for fires involving electricity.

    PLEASE NOTE: These extinguishers are to be used only the event of a fire and must not be tampered with. If a fault is detected in any of the extinguishers it should be reported immediately to a committee member.

  7. At the end of a hiring session the Hirer shall:
    a) Search for smouldering fires
    b) Collect up and remove all refuse from the premises (NB there is no rubbish collection from the hall so all refuse must be disposed of by the Hirer)
    c) Stack furniture after use, sweep out the hall, and ensure that all floors, table surfaces, furniture, working surfaces and appliances are clean
    d) Ensure that all heaters, kitchen appliances, etc are switched off and that all water taps are turned off.
    e) Switch off all lights
    f) Close all internal doors
    g) Secure all outside doors and windows and leave as quietly as possible.